Hey folks! I started playing piano and jazz in 2004. When my kid started piano, I started with him after I learned that his teacher played jazz. As of 2014, that’s 10 years ago now so hopefully I’m close to that 10,000 hours mark.

I’ve had a teacher since day one and have to stuck to well known masters here in Los Angeles. So I feel blessed that I’ve learned a lot.

As I learn more, I discover that I don’t know as much as I thought. So don’t feel frustrated with your journey since it’s perpetual. We’re all just at different stages.

I gig regularly now locally and have my own band. As long as we are able to give pleasure to people, musically, then I feel like it’s all been worth it.

I hope you enjoy this site! If you want to learn about my specific jazz journey, you will find it here.http://jazzwee-blog.blogspot.com/


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